DBG Digital Business Lifecycle (DBLC)

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As your company strives to attain leadership in the digital world, it becomes vitally important for your team to maintain cutting-edge digital business competencies to sustain your competitive advantage. DBG carefully, cautiously, and continuously provides a safeguard for our partners by evaluating its client’s DBLC to properly guide, protect and innovate their intellectual property, intellectual capital and integrated customer experience so that they develop and maintain their leadership position as a global digital business.

Due to the dynamic and evolving nature of the digital world, the requirements to sustain your company’s long-term DBLC demands continuous education to reach the more advanced levels of digital deployment. DBG offers a comprehensive Continuous Education Program for its client’s to ensure they are equipped with the management tools to “self-sustain” a long term DBLC.


DBG consulting, creative, and technology services can be applied and integrated at any growth stage and phase of your Digital Business Lifecycle. Your DBLC is defined during the discovery phase of our engagement whereby the solutions, deliverables and timelines are carefully assessed based on the nature of your requests and/or digital business requirements.

The DBLC represents seven (7) distinct development stages across the four-cycle path of a company’s growth from digital competency to digital business mastery. The DBLC measures management preparedness, strategic agility, tactical speed, and the company’s overall vision.

Phase 1: Competency

  • Stage 1: Competency of Basic Digital Business Principles

Phase 2: Adoption & Security

  • Stage 2: Tactical Level of Digital Business Implementation (Execution)
  • Stage 3: Competency of Intermediate Digital Business Principals

Phase 3: Deployment & Standardization

  • Stage 4: Strategic Level of Digital Business Deployment
  • Stage 5: Full-Scale Digital Business Deployment that Embodies DBG Methodology (Strategic / Tactical)

Phase 4: Maturity & Mastery

  • Stage 6: Competency of Advanced Digital Business Principals through Continuous Education & Training
  • Stage 7: More Advanced (Evolutionary) Re-deployments / Improvements to Existing Platform