US Storage Centers
Development of custom solutions to optimize efficiency and manage over 5.1 million square feet of rentable storage space.

Self Storage

Self-storage operators are being forced to change traditional marketing strategies and look for new ways to compete in the digital age.

The Digital Age Operator
Digital solutions are enabling operators to quickly find potential customers and sustain existing tenants in new ways that are disrupting the self-storage industry. Some of the ways DBG has contributed to the digital strategy for more than 20,000 self-storage companies include:

  • Transformation of Operational Management Platforms
  • Development of Mobile Solutions
  • Creation of Revenue Management Systems
  • Auction Management
  • Implementation of Call Center Solutions
  • Development of Custom CRM Platforms
  • Process Optimization / Transformation

Industry Threats
Opportunities afforded through digital business platforms are making it easier for industry newcomers to capture significant market share in the self-storage industry, resulting in increased competition. The larger public companies are also pressured to produce results for Wall Street, resulting in industry consolidation.

As a digital leader in Web and mobile technology solutions, the DBG team has been developing digital business solutions for some of the top self-storage operators and companies in the self-storage industry since 2010.

Our work portfolio includes architecture and development of industry-leading technology platforms and custom solutions tailored for existing operators, industry service providers, and new ventures in the self-storage industry.

At DBG, we apply a forward thinking approach to the architecture and implementation of digital solutions for existing companies and new ventures in the self-storage industry in the following areas:

Innovation / Strategy

  • Digital Strategy
  • Mobility
  • Product Development
  • Startups / New Ventures
  • Digital Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Transformation
  • Data Analytics

Architecture & Implementation

  • Revenue Management
  • Auction Management
  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • Call Centers
  • CRM Platforms
  • Web Applications
  • Online Communities
  • Mobile Applications

Management Systems Expertise

  • SiteLink
  • QuikStor
  • Centershift
  • Self Storage Manager

DBG has provided Charity Storage with exceptional service hosting our Website for the past several years. Often times, because we are a charity, they have provided service gratis. We are pleased to endorse DBG as a company with not only excellent quality service.. but a BIG heart!

Kerry Henriksen, Charity Storage

DBG Customers

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White Papers

Why Should Businesses Opt For a Mobile App?

It’s a powerful thing when 50% of the world population owns a smartphone. And when that translates into billions of mobile users, there’s no going around it! Mobile apps are a huge part of today’s business strategy and they’re designed to penetrate deeper into user engagement, customer loyalty and ultimately, help your business capture market share and increase sales.
Why Should Businesses Opt For a Mobile App?


DBG Methodology

DBG’s Methodology is outlined through its two-phase Digital Business Platform – a process whereby algorithms are defined through an organization’s Core Alignment Framework and then deployed digitally through solution-based software applications to form virtual online companies through the convergence of business intelligence and technology innovation. Through the Digital Business Platform Methodology, we focus on designing the foundational core for your Digital Business requirements by assuring that your risk profile is minimized by forging an immediate transactional relationship with your brands, products & services. Our ultimate goal is to forge a long-standing, transactional and profitable relationship between your brand and it’s consumer. The term “Digital Business” was coined by technology academics and executives who hypothesized to business strategists that business growth and profitability could be executed more quickly, efficiently and with less risk through automated online or virtual platforms. They further argued that a digital business could more accurately measure the demand and life cycle for a company’s products and services through digital algorithms. This hypothesis has fueled debate amongst CIO’s and CEO’s regarding what adds more value to the performance of a business

DBG Methodology


DBG Digital Business Lifecycle (DBLC)

As your company strives to attain leadership in the digital world, it becomes vitally important for your team to maintain cutting-edge digital business competencies to sustain your competitive advantage. DBG carefully, cautiously, and continuously provides a safeguard for our partners by evaluating its client’s DBLC to properly guide, protect and innovate their intellectual property, intellectual capital and integrated customer experience so that they develop and maintain their leadership position as a global digital business.

DBG Digital Business Lifecycle (DBLC)