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Architecture, design, and development of digital solutions for fast-growth global market leader.

Training & Marketing

Digital business platforms are revolutionizing the traditional approach to professional training, coaching, and marketing systems.

Communication in The Digital Age
Since 2006, DBG has worked closely with some of the world’s most influential brands in the professional training, coaching, and marketing industries. During this period, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in consumer behavior and the historical approach to education and marketing.

Forced by digital technology, forward thinking organizations are embracing an adaptive approach to marketing and training that caters to an emotionally driven consumer. Open platforms and the Internet of Things (IoT) are pushing organizations to engage consumers through enriched experiences, to sustain customer loyalty in the digital age. Some of the areas we innovate for organizations in training and marketing industries include:

  • Development of Online Communities
  • Design & Adoption of Gamification Solutions
  • Development of Internet Platforms
  • Implementation of Cloud-based Solutions
  • Development of Mobile Solutions

DBG is experienced in providing solutions for world renowned thought leaders and organizations in training and marketing industries with expertise in the following areas:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
  • Online Advertising
  • Professional Training & Coaching
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

At DBG, we apply a forward thinking approach to assisting training & marketing organizations through consulting, creative, and technology in the following areas:


  • Digital Strategy
  • Mobility
  • Product Development
  • New Ventures
  • Gamification


  • Content
  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • Web Applications
  • Online Communities
  • Mobile Applications
  • Social Media

DBG has been a valuable resource for us. They provide great thought leadership, not only in development, but in web strategy and new technology. The team is great to work with and they are very responsive to our dynamic set of needs.

Barry Hoeven, US Storage Centers

DBG Customers

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White Papers

Responsive Websites: Popular Myths Debunked

In 2013, the popularity of responsive web designs soared to new heights, with the help of publications such as Mashable, dubbing 2013 as “the year of responsive web design”. In 2014, we’re already seeing responsive websites receive Site of the Day – type awards, from popular web design ranking portals. One of our own designs, BadassProgrammers– is a great example.

Responsive sites aren’t going anywhere. There is however, an array of myths surrounding them, which inspired us to put them to rest for you and state the facts. Now, let’s start slicing!

Responsive Websites: Popular Myths Debunked


DBG Methodology

DBG’s Methodology is outlined through its two-phase Digital Business Platform – a process whereby algorithms are defined through an organization’s Core Alignment Framework and then deployed digitally through solution-based software applications to form virtual online companies through the convergence of business intelligence and technology innovation. Through the Digital Business Platform Methodology, we focus on designing the foundational core for your Digital Business requirements by assuring that your risk profile is minimized by forging an immediate transactional relationship with your brands, products & services. Our ultimate goal is to forge a long-standing, transactional and profitable relationship between your brand and it’s consumer. The term “Digital Business” was coined by technology academics and executives who hypothesized to business strategists that business growth and profitability could be executed more quickly, efficiently and with less risk through automated online or virtual platforms. They further argued that a digital business could more accurately measure the demand and life cycle for a company’s products and services through digital algorithms. This hypothesis has fueled debate amongst CIO’s and CEO’s regarding what adds more value to the performance of a business

DBG Methodology


DBG Digital Business Lifecycle (DBLC)

As your company strives to attain leadership in the digital world, it becomes vitally important for your team to maintain cutting-edge digital business competencies to sustain your competitive advantage. DBG carefully, cautiously, and continuously provides a safeguard for our partners by evaluating its client’s DBLC to properly guide, protect and innovate their intellectual property, intellectual capital and integrated customer experience so that they develop and maintain their leadership position as a global digital business.

DBG Digital Business Lifecycle (DBLC)