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Since 2008, DBG has been developing world-class iOS apps for Apple iPhone and iPad. We’ve worked with small, medium & large companies and provide mobile application development solutions for those looking to become leaders within their industry. In addition to iPhone application development, DBG develops apps for Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.


It requires hard work, dedication, and the best iPhone app developers to become known as the top mobile app development company in the world. At DBG, we take our work seriously and are proud to be known as innovators, on the leading edge of mobile technology.

A New York Times article from 2003 quoted Steve Jobs as saying:

“Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer — that the designers are handed this box and told, ‘Make it look good!’ It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

DBG has a full in-house team of iPhone and iPad application architects, designers and developers to build native iOS mobile apps. Due to our innovative nature and love for pushing the limits of technology, we consider no project too big to take on.

Our mobile app development team has mastered iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry application development, and we take pride in combining the visual with the practical in order to create effective, efficient and stimulating user experiences.

DBG iPhone application developers are well-versed in the complexities of Apple products, including the Apple Watch. As a world-class software development company, we don’t settle for anything less than perfection and delivering our customers and end users with technology and enables and inspires.

Are you looking to hire a top iPhone app developer for your company, and ensure the right developer for your iOS application project? Let DBG help you during this process, to ensure you find the best iPhone & iPad app development company for your next mobile project. Below are a few questions you might consider asking prospective development companies:

  1. When did you develop your first iOS app?

  2. Do you have a reference from a client who has hired your company for multiple projects?

  3. What skills can your team offer to create a good user experience?

  4. What are the processes or guarantees you have in place to ensure that service costs do not exceed the quoted amounts?

  5. What are the terms, conditions and costs associated with app support over the lifetime of our relationship?

iOS design and development is just one side of the coin. To ensure an app is successful in the App Store, it also needs to be tested on multiple levels. Only through trial & error and user feedback will your app development team be able to evolve your iPhone app into the best product. Each app development company will have their own system for testing apps. Determine which tools and tactics they will deploy and how long they expect the testing process to take. This is a critical area that is often overlooked by most developers and app owners when they plan the time it takes to properly build and launch an app to the public. At DBG, we have established a process that has allowed us to develop apps on time, on budget, and with virtually zero bugs. Contact us to learn more!

Searching for an iPhone app development company to work on your project can be a daunting task, so DBG has created a great white paper to further assist you during the vetting process. Download our free white paper on selecting a top mobile development company.

What Does It Cost To Develop an iPhone App?

What makes DBG different from other mobile app development companies is that we are truly passionate and transparent towards helping you develop the best mobile solution for your needs. Towards this end, we offer a free consultation for any mobile development project! Estimating a mobile project is something that only experienced development companies should pursue. Clutch, a leading research firm has released an article that explains mobile development costs. Jeremiah Jacks from DBG participated in the Clutch research and further elaborates on mobile app development costs in this article. DBG’s free consultation will help you gain better insight into the development costs and estimated timelines for your project. We aim to provide our customers with on time and on budget world-class app development, and you will be impressed by our hands-on approach!

With expertise in iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch application development, DBG mobile designers & developers are highly-proficient in creating innovative user experiences and interfaces (UX/UI), as well as understanding the nuances and complexities of the iOS platform.

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DBG has proven to be a valuable resource for our software development needs. They understand the difference between just writing code for pay and delivering high functioning applications. DBG's expertise, experience, and security skills make them a unique partner for anyone seeking to have software deliver high level results.

Jeff Mongelli, Acentec


DBG Methodology

DBG’s Methodology is outlined through its two-phase Digital Business Platform – a process whereby algorithms are defined through an organization’s Core Alignment Framework and then deployed digitally through solution-based software applications to form virtual online companies through the convergence of business intelligence and technology innovation. Through the Digital Business Platform Methodology, we focus on designing the foundational core for your Digital Business requirements by assuring that your risk profile is minimized by forging an immediate transactional relationship with your brands, products & services. Our ultimate goal is to forge a long-standing, transactional and profitable relationship between your brand and it’s consumer. The term “Digital Business” was coined by technology academics and executives who hypothesized to business strategists that business growth and profitability could be executed more quickly, efficiently and with less risk through automated online or virtual platforms. They further argued that a digital business could more accurately measure the demand and life cycle for a company’s products and services through digital algorithms. This hypothesis has fueled debate amongst CIO’s and CEO’s regarding what adds more value to the performance of a business

DBG Methodology


DBG Digital Business Lifecycle (DBLC)

As your company strives to attain leadership in the digital world, it becomes vitally important for your team to maintain cutting-edge digital business competencies to sustain your competitive advantage. DBG carefully, cautiously, and continuously provides a safeguard for our partners by evaluating its client’s DBLC to properly guide, protect and innovate their intellectual property, intellectual capital and integrated customer experience so that they develop and maintain their leadership position as a global digital business.

DBG Digital Business Lifecycle (DBLC)

White Papers

Top Mobile Developer in Los Angeles, CA

DBG was recently inaugurated into Clutch’s "Top Mobile App Developer in Los Angeles" research. Our standings in the research are based on DBG customer reviews, along with a thorough independent review by Clutch analysts of our customer list, case studies, and market presence.

Top Mobile Developer in Los Angeles, CA

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