It can take years to win or lose a customer in the traditional brick & mortar business world.

In the digital business world it only takes 3 seconds.

Today’s unstable global marketplace has forced companies (regardless of size) to adopt a forward thinking “new venture / entrepreneurial” mindset. Traditional ground-rules for business sustainability taught in today’s most well respected universities and institutions have become outdated. The 21st century business & business leader must adopt a forward thinking approach to secure long-term transactional relationships with consumers.

Through DBG’s international business & technology teams, we design comprehensive strategy surrounding custom software application solutions that “dig deep” into the mindset of how a consumer interacts – to deliver the relevancy they demand and significance they seek with a digital business experience.

1 Discover. DBG consulting services are initially engaged through a discovery process to assess your company’s current stage of growth in the Digital Business Lifecycle (DBLC). The DBLC is a proprietary model developed by DBG to measure your company’s management preparedness, strategic agility, tactical speed, and overall vision.


2 Deliver. Following discovery, DBG can identify the next phase of engagement and consulting, in support of DBG’s Digital Business Platform Methodology. The DBG methodology is a process whereby strategies are designed by assessing the alignment of your organization to its customers and competitive advantage (phase 1), and where technology solutions are architected and executed (phase 2). If your organization has achieved advanced stages of growth, DBG can provide services to maintain, control, and improve your digital assets (phase 3).

Design The Strategy

Assess and design the operational platform to plan for performance accountability and results that support your value proposition.

  • Business Strategy
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business & Financial Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Sales & Cust. Service (CRM)
  • Marketing & Brand Strategy
  • Corporate Messaging
  • Brand / Product Relevancy
Apply The Solution

Architect digital business deployment initiatives through assessment & planning of system functionality, technology, and user experience requirements.

  • Project Planning
  • Software Requirements (SRS)
  • Technology Architecture
  • Mobility
  • Information Security
  • Creative Strategy
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Software Outsourcing
Maintain & Control

Continuing education, innovation, and sustainability of the Digital Business Platform.

  • Technology Innovation
  • Change Management
  • Resource Management
  • Team Building
  • Sustainability