DBG specializes in creating digital platforms that impact conversions by driving user engagement through adaptive design where forward thinking is applied.

At DBG, we answer four guiding questions during the creative process, and apply a philosophical approach to digital branding.


Our creative services extend beyond designing tangible visual deliverables. In an effort to maximize brand value, our approach includes a process that explores the complete background of each delivered experience.

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Information Architecture Web Application Design Mobile Application Design Responsive Design
Forward Thinking Applied

Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries and limits of present day thinking to produce innovative experiences for consumers. We are passionate about the details and put an emphasis on information architecture and visual design that adapts to customer expectations.

Brand Identity Design

The identity design process begins with a session to understand your business needs, research the target market, and create a design brief. The design brief will contain information about your target audience, project objectives, and other details to ensure deliverables are completed on time and budget.

This is where design execution begins so ideas and brainstorming sessions are conceptualized through design sketches and digital renderings. Once every creative direction has been explored, we agree together on two or three core design concepts.

For each design concept, we define character, style, and coloring elements that ultimately translate to one unique concept, which is refined and presented.

To finalize your brand identity design, we may draft a standards and guidelines document. DBG can also assist in developing your brand launch strategy, including building synergy around your brand.

Application Interface Design

DBG provides expertise in user interface design for both Web and mobile applications. Our process begins with assessing your digital business needs in support of the Digital Business Platform Methodology.

This step includes studying any existing assets, and creating user stories, scenarios, site maps, and content strategy to support the application structure and organization.

Wireframes are grey-scale visual renderings that depict application features, elements, and layout. At DBG, we create wireframes for Web and mobile applications using design programs that are easy to use and effective in rendering application details.

Once the application wireframes are finalized, the visual design can be created. This step involves rendering the application look and feel – the visual aspect of the application that a consumer will touch and experience.

Wireframes and The Visual Design

Each interface we design is supported by a two-step creative process that involves wireframe creation, then visual design. Drag the orange slider below to see the difference between Web or mobile wireframes and visual design.