Gamification: The New Cookie Jar For Employees

Author Image By Deepu S. Nath

An age-old (yet still) culturally popular saying – “ The Customer is King!” still runs many corporate houses across the globe. However, as the world changes and ideologies advance, so should the outlook on business. Sure, keeping the customers satisfied plays an instrumental part in every business, but don’t your employees deserve equal status? In today’s day and age, what drives an enterprise forward is not just the satisfaction of the customers, but the wisdom of the employees as well.

What do your employees need?

You have to ask yourself: “How do I get our employees to deliver their best?”

The old factory model workspace, where a single work routine is practiced over and over again, is no longer gratifying enough for generations of workers that are immersed in technology, real-time communication and overwhelming amounts of eye-catching advertising.

What your employees need is an engagement model that provides them the best balance of personal and work commitments. This is where Gamification can play a major role in new management models and thinking. It is perhaps the industry’s best and most current answer to driving increased employee loyalty and increased productivity.

By definition, it is the application of game mechanics to real life scenarios, to solve problems and drive results by envisaging working challenges as a game.

The basic idea is to create work requirement(s) as game metrics. With each completed work or task, employees are rewarded with points, badges, as well as incentives to further motivate them. It is a work mechanism that fosters creativity, freedom and above all, helps employees feel responsible for their own progress within the company.

It will sound strange at first, but in reality, gamification has proved to be one of the most successful employee engagement programs conceived to date. If you look at the figures, the Research and Analytics firm Gartner stated that 50% of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes by 2015.

The success of gamification has kick-started an all new segment in the software sector, wherein gamification products are projected to create an industry worth $5.5 billion by 2018, according to MarketsandMarkets Research.

Is the Gamification concept in a nascent stage of adaptation?
Not quite! Some of the world’s most premier companies such as Google, Accenture, Yahoo, Warner Bros, etc, have all deployed gamification concepts in various employee management processes and have reaped the benefits of the same.

Start thinking about your gamification strategy!
If your organization is trying to cut down on the attrition of it’s workforce, while increasing morale and productivity, try gamifying your workplace and discover the transformation!

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